Zapshot, Operated by Start-Up PH7, Ltd. Announces ‘Student Life with Zapshot’ to Empower Students and Feature Their Unique Voices

Zapshot, a chat app featuring voice messaging, has been collaborating with local students in Los Angeles, including those from UCLA, to explore next-generation digital communication. We’ve incorporated features such as Voice-to-Text messaging and the ZapVoice, equipped with cutting-edge AI technology to enhance communication through voice. This allows conversations to convey not only words but also emotions and nuances.

Zapshot will reinforce its commitment to relationships with students to create more opportunities to hear and support their voices. We aim to address the genuine questions, concerns, goals, and dreams of each student, by providing a space to talk, share, and explore together. With this in mind, we’ve launched ‘Student Life with Zapshot’.

Our first project is to ask students for topics and questions for ‘Zap Talk Shows’ led by our interns on the Peekable Chat feature within the app. More details can be found on the official Zapshot Instagram page.

Moving forward, Zapshot will continue to roll out various initiatives both within and outside the app, catering to a wide range of student voices — from summer plans and activities to academic and career concerns. We aim to empower students by actively listening to their thoughts and offering a platform for discussions and conversation. With our commitment to fostering meaningful voice communication, we prioritize understanding the feelings and opinions of today’s students and working alongside them to shape the future of communication.


About Zapshot:

Zapshot is currently available on iOS with a mission to change the way younger generations like Gen Z, communicate. It breaks the limitations of traditional text chat by introducing a more engaging, personalized method of communication. Zapshot allows users to convey not just words, but also emotions and nuances into conversations. Starting with the vibrant community at UCLA, our goal at PH7, Ltd. is to make online communication more intimate, engaging, and expressive for the new generations.

Company Information:

PH7, Ltd. is a startup dedicated to developing Zapshot, a new social media application specializing in audio. Based primarily in Los Angeles, USA, the company brings together a diverse and global team. Devoted to reshaping how the new generations communicate, PH7, Ltd. is leading the way in creating the future of communication tools that cater to the evolving needs of today’s digital natives.

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