Drawing inspiration from the cosmic origins of platinum itself, the jewelry is highlighted against the striking, yet minimal backdrops of the distinctive landscapes, and is featured on four models, who represent various ages, ethnicities, and life stages. Both relatable and inspirational, the campaign is designed to appeal to fashion forward, early adopting female self-purchasers who value luxury products and yearn for distinctive pieces that stand out.

“It’s an exciting time for us as we unveil a new brand campaign that celebrates beauty, diversity and authenticity and a new website that is building a community for the brand,” said Rebecca Moskal, Vice President of Marketing for Platinum Born. “We see these important launches as an opportunity and an invitation to consumers to explore, engage and connect with our brand like never before.”

Accompanying the campaign launch, is the debut of Platinum Born’s redesigned website. Created with the user experience in mind, the revamped site has upgraded functionality that provides a more seamless shopping experience and optimized mobile compatibility. The intuitive design allows visitors to thoroughly explore the brand’s collections and product and easily navigate to a simplified shopping and checkout interface. Innovative features such as “Shop the Look” showcase the brand’s new campaign and allow visitors to discover multiple pieces within a single image with a seamless transition to the product page for purchasing.

Engaging video throughout the site captures the more unique elements of the jewelry and provides an opportunity to highlight why platinum is the superior choice for luxury jewelry. The dynamic content brings visitors closer to the product, offering a much more true-to-life experience and the visual upgrades offer depth and detail that make it easy to understand scale and envision how each piece will look when it’s worn.

The new navigation also offers the ability to continue building out new capsules and collections. The brand will be rolling out more features to further support new and existing customers in the coming months.

For additional information please contact:

Gianna Bazzano
Tel: +1 203 807 2348
[email protected] 

Mara Viggiano
Tel: +1 917 519 3460
[email protected]


OUR STORY BEGINS IN THE STARS with meteorites that fell to earth, carrying inside them a remarkable metal that would later be known as platinum. For billions of years, this precious material remained hidden beneath the Earth’s surface until it was discovered in parts of South America, South Africa, and North America. In 2017, a new chapter began with Platinum Born and our unique vision to transform the world’s rarest precious metal into fine jewelry that reflects both its inherent beauty and the effortless elegance of the modern woman. Wearable, versatile and contemporary, Platinum Born jewelry is created to be worn. Using advanced techniques and thoughtful craftsmanship, we create timeless designs that bring the beauty of platinum to life. To experience the collection, visit

SOURCE Platinum Born

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This news story originally appeared at Fashion - Beauty News on 1 September 2023