Crafting Ethical Elegance: RAAS International Clothing Inc. Debuts Exquisite Collection at New York Fashion Week 2023

Shreya Patel unites style and substance while promoting positive change in the industry

CHICAGO, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Known for the harmonious fusion of timeless Desi influences and modern aesthetics, fashion house RAAS International Clothing Inc. prepares to grace the iconic runways of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) from September 7-13. And in an upcoming collection of serious statement pieces, under the visionary leadership of designer Shreya Patel, RAAS is proud to unveil its new collection appropriately named: Fall winter. NYFW is a globally recognized event that sets trends and demands attention from industry professionals and fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

The epitome of fashion excellence, NYFW is one of the Big Four global fashion shows and always serves as a stage where innovation, style, and creativity converge. But for RAAS, this prestigious event offers an unparalleled opportunity, showcasing a collection that intricately weaves together tradition, modernity, and sustainability. The collection celebrates artisanal quality while also underscoring the importance of fair working conditions and mitigating Climate Change.

“NY Fashion Week is more than just a fashion event for RAAS: it’s a creative canvas that allows us to paint our story of elegance and ethical consciousness,” said Shreya Patel. “With this new collection, were integrating the richness of Desi cultural heritage with forward-thinking design on our continued journey to redefine the essence of fashion and prioritize our planet’s health. Fast fashion has come to dominate much of this industry, with terrible ecological effects. And its wasteful practice is one we can no longer afford. So we hope to shed light on this issue while also showing a new way forward for the industry.”

A marriage of centuries-old craftsmanship and contemporary vision, the Fall winter collection embodies the very commitment of RAAS to crafting sartorial designs that resonate with the values of today’s conscious consumer:

This is a narrative of values and dreams, all spun into richly designed fabrics,” Patel said. “Every stitch, pattern, and motif reflect our unwavering dedication to sustainable and ethical practices, celebrating a global woman who embraces both her roots and her aspirations.”

As the runway lights prepare to focus on the present collection, founder Shreya Patel will already be looking forward to the future, creating clothing that transcends the mercurial forces of fast moving social-media trends. RAAS is a beacon of sustainable elegance, gently guided by Patel’s founding vision:

Our story is one of empowerment and change,” Patel explained. “Fashion should inspire, not exploit. It should empower, not diminish. And our journey is marked by a commitment to positive change, ethical craftsmanship, and a reverence for our planet. Fall winter is not just a collection, but a celebration. Through design, we’re inviting women to step into a world where wise choices and timeless beauty unite. Each garment is a work of art, capturing the essence of our heritage and the aspirations of a global community that dares to look forward in hope.”

For a sneak peek at the Fall winter Collection, and to learn more about the importance of sustainable fashion, follow RAAS on social media: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, X, Pinterest, TikTok.

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RAAS is the Chicago-based fashion house and studio of creative director and designer Shreya Patel. At the age of 51, Patel established the successful South Asian fashion label after honing her skills at Parsons School of Design. She immediately confronted industry issues such as sustainability and ethics head-on with a philosophy that embraces fair wages and favorable conditions for artisans. Joined by her daughter, Patel has crafted sustainable fashion that moves from the comfortably casual and into high art. All while uniting artisans in a purpose-driven journey. View the latest RAAS designs at:

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