Surfing to a World: Shanghai Jahwa Held 125th-Anniversary Strategic Conference

SHANGHAI, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd (SH.600315) recently hosted the online “To Beauty to Youth” 2023 Strategy Conference. At the event, the management team led by Alex Pan, Chairman and CEO of Shanghai Jahwa, gave a presentation on Jahwa’s achievements over the past year and its long-term vision, including corporate strategy, trends and development, brand innovation, ESG management. The team also invited external experts and partners to discuss consumption trends and growth paths in the new era.

Alex Pan, Chairman and CEO of Shanghai Jahwa, explained the company’s business results for 2022 and corporate strategy for 2023 with a keynote speech “Innovation to Excellence”. “As national economy gradually transforms from fast growth to development driven by quality, a series of positive signals can be observed from the overall recovery of consumption. This is a strong boost to the entire beauty and personal care industry. As an industry leader, Shanghai Jahwa continues to improve on differentiation, R&D investment, resource optimization, productivity, and capital expenditure. The company makes constant progress with solid operations and management.”

In 2023, Jahwa’s 123 operation principle to drive brand innovation. Jahwa focuses on expertise, premiumization, and experiential to enhance brand equity. While pushing for expertise in brand, segmentation and product, the company creates more, better products for consumers through its R&D and marketing prowess. With regards to corporate brand innovation, the company has instilled a concept of long-term, sustainable, and memorable consumer service. Furthermore, Shanghai Jahwa has constantly adapted to market trends and evolved its products for premiumization in positioning, products, target consumers, and packaging. Meanwhile, the company focuses on experiential, improving consumer experience on three dimensions for brand innovation and service enhancement. 

As a long-term player riding through business cycles, the company is dedicated to beauty, adheres to its mission of creating the best health and beauty products and services to maximize the value for consumers, employees, shareholders and entire society. In the future, Shanghai Jahwa hopes to achieve a new level of excellence, representing Chinese brands to compete against international brands on the world stage. Shanghai Jahwa aims to present Chinese Beauty to the world.

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