JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Haute Couture Spring 2022 Paris – Fashion Channel

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Haute Couture Spring 2022 Paris – Fashion Channel

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The “Gaultier Paris by Glenn Martens from Y/Project” collection was staged in the Maison’s headquarters to a flutter of black veils and sacred music; a return to his roots for Glenn Martens, who was welcomed to the Gaultier house 15 years after his experience as a trainee under Jean-Paul and immediately after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

“Rarely do we get the chance to put together such elaborate silhouettes. For me, couture means pure beauty and elegance. Something that has nothing to do with street style,” explains Glenn Martens.

A study on the corset that is incorporated into the trousers, shaping the hips in the typical “V” shape so dear to Martens, long slipped dresses, architectural ruffles, the stripes become psychedelic and have a Blade Runner feel, it seems like seeing a modern Rachel with suits with pointed jackets, pencil skirts slightly flared at the bottom that accentuate the figure, and platform heels.

Alternating with evening mega gowns, encrusted taffeta circle dresses, and ethereal fluttering trompe-l’oleil dresses that echo Gualtier’s 90’s collections and turn models into statues.

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