Great Wines Of The World 2022

Great Wines of the World 2022 – NYC

Wine… wine is one of the most pleasant subjects in the world. All of its associations are with occasions when people are at their best; “Great Wines of the World 2022” was not the exception.

At the heart of Chelsea, a beautiful historic landmark that emanates the old world charm, the Altman Building is, without a doubt the perfect location to host this event in NYC.

Retailers from around the world with the experience and knowledge of customer preferences have helped to improve quality and drive sales presented their signature wines, in the most simple, enthusiastic, and delicate manner; they explained as much as they could to the big crowd gathering elated around them about enology and their results, showcasing them as their pride and joy. The way they did it couldn’t hide their passion for winemaking.

We began our journey in order; with the anxiety about what we were about to experience, we couldn’t wait to taste the results of so many countries like Argentina, Chile, France, Italy, and Spain… it was a festival of cultures.

To start: Champagne Lauren Perrier The Grand Sieche Grand Cuvée that was poured with a beautiful smile and prompt diligence… charming bubbles opened our palette with a nice crisp finish, refreshing and re-assuring us that we were at the right place.

From Champagne, we moved to Sauvignon Blanc, at table 4 we had the pleasure of meeting Viñedos Veramonte from Chile and their Organic Collection: Ritual. Their Sauvignon Blanc, stunning with notes of cítrica, flowers, and nectarines; well balanced clean, and delicate… heaven. Next to this, we met another beautiful smile and energy from Villa Maria New Zealand Wine with their Taylors Pass Sauvignon Blanc, we could not only sense the differences in the soil, but we also learned about the differences between day and night temperatures in New Zealand that provides the optimum conditions for growing not only great Sauvignon Blanc but other aromatic grapes like Riesling, Pinot Gris, and other white grapes while Pinot Noir is the best red grape of choice in this area.

As we continued our journey through so many wines, we met with Schiopetto, from Capriva del Friuli, Italia, and their amazing Pinot Bianca, harvested by hand and presented to us by Alessandro, whose passion made us want to move to L’Azienda where their beautiful vineyard is located around the Archbishop’s Palace at Capriva. This wine was so impressive as the bottle designed by Mario Schiopetto in 1986 named the Renana Schiopetto shows more uniqueness.

The more we advanced, the grapes began to become stronger, more intense, and flavorful; this is when we knew we needed a small break and went downstairs to enjoy the fest… Excellent cold cut meat and cheeses, with spectacular service. This event was without a doubt planned with care and the staff was more than accommodating.

The journey continued through oak barrel-aged Chardonnay, perfect to the point, we enjoy brands like Marquez de Murrieta from Spain, Chacra from Patagonia, Arboleada from Aconcagua Valley-Chile, The sublime Amelia from Concha y Toro- Chile, Bergstrom Villamette Valey Oregon, Domaine Serene Ellestand Reserve Dayton-Oregon, Ponzi Vineyards Oregon, Enemigo, Pascual Toso to name a few.

We had the pleasure of meeting as well, Mister Marcos Fernandez, from Mendoza, Argentina chief winemaker of the brand Terrazas de Los Andes Parcel Los Castaños with 98 pts and Terrazas de Los Andes Grand Malbec 2019 with 97 pts… this was our final taste. Beautiful product, flavorful, and Marcos’ charm made us content that we made it to this stand.

In conclusion: 2 Days is not enough to fully experience this event. This was so special, especially after the pandemic, seeing everyone enjoying themself with a common denominator that brought us together: Wine.

We must thank our host, James Suckling, the organizers, winemakers, retailers, and staff for this elegant and accessible display of hard labor and passion.


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