BUYMA Champions the Cross-Border E-Commerce Market With Luxury Personal Shopping
Tokyo's original specialty marketplace becomes one of America's most favorable luxury shopping experiences amidst global exchange shifts.

TOKYO - August 22, 2022 - (

With global exchange rates facing a wild shift, cross-border commerce has yet again become increasingly attractive to consumers worldwide. American shoppers, in particular, have seen a major advantage in the turn of events. Since February 2022, the US dollar has increased in strength by more than 104% against the Euro and 115% against the Japanese Yen.

A longtime player, however, has taken the ancient commerce trend to a reimagined level since 2005. BUYMA, Tokyo's original luxury shopping marketplace, has been connecting personal shoppers and consumers across the globe with an extended launch in America in 2016. Whereas traditional means of cross-border shopping required brick-and-mortar, consumers can now shop seasonal and exclusive items from their favorite luxury brands right online. 

The differentiating factor against other luxury resale sites goes beyond the ability to access rare items from the comfort of one's home, but also access every item at the exchange rate of its origin. In addition to this, sellers in countries like Italy and France have access to VIP pricing, once again dropping the price of many items post customs and shipping costs. This in turn allows consumers to shop at major discounts, particularly consumers with strong currencies like the US dollar. 

With items such as Bottega Veneta's Mini Jodie and Fendi's First Small Leather Bag marked down by 30% in comparison to the American retail price, cross-border shopping's recent popularity isn't much of a surprise. Other brands like Prada, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent are also discounted by 5-10%, with many other steals featured on BUYMA's website

As collections continue to roll out and exclusive pieces are launched, this international marketplace is just at the very beginning of its upper hand in cross-border commerce success. While exchange rates continue to favor the US dollar, BUYMA's advantageous positioning can expect to triumph in the midst of this global shift.


BUYMA is a specialty luxury marketplace connecting personal shoppers and consumers worldwide. Launched in 2005 in Tokyo, Japan, the unique shopping experience was made available to American shoppers in 2016. With thousands of sellers in hundreds of different countries, the international platform allows consumers to shop and discover seasonal, exclusive, and rare items from premier brands at competitive prices. 


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