Amanda Cerny Collaborates With GLAMIRA
The collection is perfect for jewelry lovers interesting in radiating an emotional and magnificent aura.

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International social media trailblazer, actress and entrepreneur Amanda Cerny revealed a different side of herself as she posed for the new campaign shoot for GLAMIRA in Palm Beach, Florida, to promote the jewelry brand's collaborative "Amanda Cerny X GLAMIRA" selection. Cerny, now a brand ambassador for GLAMIRA, was photographed by legendary Tony Duran while she was wearing the new selection. 

Known for her comedic videos on YouTube and Instagram, Cerny has amassed an audience of more than 50 million followers online. After entering into a special affiliation with GLAMIRA in 2021, Cerny hand-picked her favorite pieces from her collaborative set for the Palm Beach shoot to promote the launch of the new collection.

The "Amanda Cerny X GLAMIRA" collection was designed to reflect Cerny's personality. With pieces coming in colors such as red ruby, emerald, brown zircon, topaz, and white diamond, jewelry lovers will have a variety of combinations to choose from when selecting the pieces that best fit their personal sense of style. 

Crafted with touches of vintage design, the individual pieces within the glamorous collection provide jewelry lovers with the chance to display a passionate and noble charm. 

The ruby red "Reagan" necklace, for example, comes with white diamond stones and reflects a design that will never go out of style when configured with yellow gold. The photograph-integrated "Lende" necklace was designed with Cerny's personal wish in mind, as it reveals how an emotional value can be special once combined with a piece of jewelry. 

An avid animal lover, Cerny also sought to design a piece that was inspired by the appearance of Dalmatians. The result was the "Sifnas" ring, which consists of a mixture of black and white diamonds and can be combined with both chic and sporty looks, making it perfect for daily living and special occasions.  

As the prominent jewelry brand in the global e-commerce space, GLAMIRA sells products to more than 65 countries across the globe. By crafting all of its designs at its own manufacturing centers and enabling customers to take creative liberty in the production process, GLAMIRA has emerged as a pioneering brand of customizable jewelry. 

Customers can customize pieces from all of GLAMIRA's collections. Over 50,000 items can be personalized with different gemstones and metals, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and more. From the metal color to the stone carat, to the stone color, to the engraving — it can all be customized, ensuring a unique and matchless design for each individual customer.

"At GLAMIRA, we believe that people and the special moments we share with our loved ones are unique. One of the best ways to express this uniqueness is through jewelry," said Yasemin Topaloğlu, Chief Brand Officer at GLAMIRA.

"The jewel accompanies us in our precious moments and throughout our lives. That's why we put customization at the center of our business. It provides our customers with the ability to craft a piece that is tailored to their experiences and desires." 

To learn more about the "Amanda Cerny X GLAMIRA" collection, the Palm Beach photoshoot, or to view all of GLAMIRA's latest collections, please visit

Since its foundation, the jewelry brand GLAMIRA has been trying to make sure that all special and emotional moments of its customers are impeccable by taking quality and safety as its foundation and has been creating designs that enable everyone to customize based on the belief that everyone is special and unique. With the "This is so you" motto, GLAMIRA markets more than 50,000 pieces of jewelry for women, men, and children designed and manufactured by GLAMIRA itself. With a strong team of 650 employees and global commercial infrastructure, GLAMIRA has been micromanaging all its design and manufacturing processes. Operating in 65 countries with nine offices in Germany, Switzerland, USA, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Australia, Bulgaria, and Turkey, as well as 76 online stores, GLAMIRA has been working with a vision to become the leading luxury consumer goods company in the world by extending its product range.

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