YSG Delivers Chinese Brand Image to the World at the 14th Meeting of the New Champions of WEF

TIANJIN, China, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 14t Annual Meeting of the New Champions of the World Economic Forum (hereinafter referred to as “Summer Davos”) convened in Tianjin China, from June 27 to 29. After the four-year hiatus, the offline Forum returned with China as its starting point, attracting more than 1,500 representatives from political, business and academic from nearly 100 countries all over the world.

Christy Lei Sun, CMO of YSG (Yatsen Global) presented at the meeting as Young Global Leader 2022 and shared her ideas on “Livestreaming opens a new chapter for e-commerce”, focusing on the current situation and prospects of the live-stream e-commerce industry.

Summer Davos delivers a strong message of cooperation to the world

The Summer Davos has been successfully held for 13 times since it was first held in China in 2007, and is one of the most important platforms of for communication between China and the world. Themed with “Entrepreneurship: The Driving Force of the Global Economy”, this year’s Summer Davos intends to renew momentum for innovation and entrepreneurship to drive economic revitalization and more equitable, sustainable and  resilient global economy.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Chinese Premier Li Qiang addressed the Summer Davos. Having gone through the twists and turns of economic setbacks, all countries should cherish openness, cooperation more, work together to tackle global challenges, and promote human progress, Li said. China is implementing new development guidelines, accelerating the construction of new development pattern and striving for high-quality development.

YSG has always been committed to be the beauty explorer for Chinese and global customers, with active implementation of policies and contribution to the building of open world economy. Besides establishing an image of innovative and professional Chinese brand with all efforts, YSG also brings in effective overseas high-end cosmetic brands with good reputation, facilitating the exchange and development in cosmetic research technology and professional skincare.

YSG expects to guard beauty with professional knowledge- supported live-stream

In recent years, live-stream has won great popularity among brands and customers for its powerful interaction and high efficiency. Live-stream industry has seen exponential growth, which is unique to China. On June 28, Sun Lei delivered a keynote speech on “Livestreaming opens a new chapter for e-commerce” at Innovators Hub of Summer Davos. She helped the audience better understand how live-stream works and the live-stream commerce with the main brand Perfect Diary, promoting the win-win cooperation among brands and industries worldwide.

Christy Lei Sun said that Perfect Diary is looking forward to supporting live-stream with updated professional knowledge, based on the brand vision of “everyone can easily become beautiful”, offering novices an easy start and achieving popularization of makeup. Perfect Diary’s live-stream channel ranked second in the TikTok makeup live-stream list, with a total live-streaming time of over 6,900 hours and a total of 82 million viewers.

Building upon the company’s business development, Perfect Diary has started the practice of live-streaming by the brand. By setting up live scenes of fashion and beauty, difficulties of makeup and tips for novices have been well-illustrated and shown to the participants, delivering real benefits for consumers and continuing to amplify the brand’s voice and enhancing customer stickiness with live-stream. What’s special is that on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in 2022, the company also co-organized the “Firefly” public service live-stream with organizations of public welfare to provide training for disabled live-streamers and launched a special live public welfare activity to convey the brand’s philosophy “Unlimited Beauty”.

According to Christy Lei Sun, YSG has established a sound live-streamer training system, including regularly studying product development, reviewing and summarizing user problems, communicating with the back-end colleagues and participating in a series of meetings for overall brand building, so as to build up comprehensive capabilities. In terms of cultivating live-streamers, the company makes well-thought decisions on candidates, choosing the live-streamers of potentials that fit the brand’s style. They will be provided with customized professional training and guiding on live-stream at different stages from beginner training to later growth and progression, and will be re-assigned with new tasks with the development of the brand’s live-stream. For senior live-streamers, YSG empowers them with full range of business and management skills for career development from live-streamers to management.

In recent years, China has introduced policies in many cities to promote the development of live-stream e-commerce to help promote the high-quality development of the industry. Guangzhou recently introduced the first industry policy of live-stream e-commerce and held the first city-based live-stream e-commerce festival in China. In April, YSG, with its main brand Perfect Diary and its high-end cosmetic brands, attended the third live-stream e-commerce festival, holding a three-day live-stream event to bring consumers a quality and diversified fashion and beauty experience.

“Live-stream e-commerce not only innovates online sales, creates new employment and opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, but also becomes an important force to help revitalize the countryside.” Christy Lei Sun said that with the continuous improvement of the industry ecology, it is expected that live-stream e-commerce service providers will become more and more professional, and only by providing professional and refined services can they quickly take the market. As a beauty company closely related to live-stream e-commerce, YSG is committed to enabling the industry to grow and meet more consumer needs, so as to better discover beauty, create beauty and guard beauty.


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