Yiwugo Embraces Surge in Demand for Chinese Trendy Products: Hanfu & Handcrafted Beads in Vogue

YIWU, China, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Yiwugo.com, the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. In recent years, there has been a remarkable resurgence in the popularity of Hanfu, the traditional attire of the Chinese nation, particularly among young consumers in China. This revival has sparked a corresponding surge in Chinese retro aesthetics, exerting a significant influence on the accessory industry. Consequently, we are witnessing the widespread adoption of pearl jewelry, intricate hairpins, and vintage Chinese motifs in both fashion and accessory trends. The act of wearing Hanfu, styling hair into traditional buns, and embellishing oneself with elegant hairpins, alongside wearing horse-faced dresses, has emerged as a captivating fashion statement among the youth. These stylish ensembles are increasingly visible in various renowned landscapes, such as mountains, rivers, ancient temples, and pagodas, where young people engage in prayers and blessings. This cultural phenomenon is intricately linked with the Confucian principle of “doing one’s best and accepting fate,” as young individuals actively pursue their aspirations while embracing a “lying flat” attitude. Through this unique approach, they are reshaping perceptions of “cultural confidence”. Moreover, it is noteworthy that the popularity of traditional Chinese-style products extends far beyond national borders, gaining increasing recognition and admiration worldwide.

Based on the big data collected from the Yiwugo platform, it is evident that from December 2023 to March 2024, keywords such as bracelets, bangles, and wrist beads have consistently maintained a prominent position in terms of popularity. A closer examination of the specific order details reveals a significant surge in the sales of Chinese hairpins and bracelets. Furthermore, there has been a noticeable uptick in orders for Chinese clothing and traditional-style apparel, including national-themed fashion. A substantial portion of these orders involves foreign trade.

Lou Huidong has been running Hunian Jewelry for more than six years now. His venture began with a genuine passion for traditional attire, motivating him to assemble like-minded colleagues from the jewelry industry. Together, they embarked on crafting a collection of retro-inspired bracelets, bangles, and wooden bead bracelets, infused with elements of national trend design. Reflecting on this journey, Lou Huidong remarked, “The recent surge in popularity over the past two years stands in stark contrast to the lack of interest in previous years.”

Hunian Jewelry’s designs incorporate a rich array of elements deeply rooted in Chinese culture. Symbolic motifs such as the revered “lotus flower” from Buddhism, the sacred “gourd” from Taoism, and vibrant features like tassels, auspicious knots, and the “lu” symbol are prominently featured. When combined with bohemian-inspired accessories, these elements forge a truly distinctive and captivating “New Chinese Style” of jewelry. This fusion of vintage aesthetics and unique cultural elements seamlessly integrates into daily wear, enabling individuals to express themselves authentically through their attire and accessories. Setting itself apart from mainstream mass-produced items, Hunian Jewelry stands as a beacon of individuality, often prompting inquiries from friends about where to purchase these distinctive pieces online. Its design caters to the younger generation’s desire for self-expression through clothing and accessories.

In 2021, Hunian Jewelry unveiled a vintage-style silver bangle incorporating elements of tassels and lotus flowers. This stunning piece is meticulously engraved with scriptures and embellished with a combination of amber and jade, emanating an elegant and unique allure. Despite its higher production costs, the bangle has sustained its popularity even after being on the market for over three years, boasting an annual sales revenue of more than 200,000 yuan.

Distinguishing itself from Hunian Jewelry’s specialization in Chinese-style retro accessories, YiRan Jewelry, led by its owner Liu Fang, has been dedicated to crafting hair clips and related products for over a decade. In 2022, Liu Fang expanded her business by establishing a factory-direct store and introducing a captivating collection of antique-inspired hairpins and hair clips. These products have not only gained popularity in the domestic market but also sparked a wave of enthusiasm abroad, including in Portugal.

Keeping pace with the prevailing trend of fashionable Chinese New Year greetings attire and Chinese-style winter clothing, YiRan Jewelry introduced an exquisite collection of red velvet hairpins and hair clips. Adorned with charming details such as roses, butterflies, and plum blossoms, these accessories quickly captured the market’s attention. Within a short span of two to three months, YiRan Jewelry successfully sold over 60,000 sets of these captivating products.

Liu Fang found herself even more surprised by the unexpected success of a set of seven antique-style hair clips, featuring elements such as lily of the valley, butterflies, and wheat spikes, which the company developed in March 2023 to capitalize on the growing trend of Chinese cultural influence. Adorned with exquisite diamond embellishments and crafted using exceptional electroplating techniques, these hair clips quickly became a sensation in the Portuguese market. This led to customers both from home and abroad eager to secure their orders, resulting in sales of over 100,000 sets within a year. To ensure the quality of the product craftsmanship, they have frequently experienced stock shortages, with shelves swiftly being emptied upon restocking.

Liu Fang noted that she has been able to reach an increasing number of new customers through Yiwugo since last year, especially those interested in Chinese-style accessories. The company is actively dedicated to researching and developing new products to meet this growing demand. Just one day before the interview, Hunian Jewelry unveiled its latest creation, the “Nan Hong + Gourd Amber” bracelet, which received customer orders within its first day of availability. Looking ahead, the company’s focus will be on launching new products exclusively on the Yiwugo platform, aiming to attract more like-minded customers who share a passion for Chinese-style accessories.

The owner of Meimei Clothing, with over 20 years of experience in Chinese-style fashion, also shared her perspective on the rising popularity of New Chinese-style fashion. She revealed that in recent years, there has been a notable surge in popularity for Chinese-style clothing, and one of her clients from Shanghai even managed to sell Chinese-style garments in the American market. Due to her busy schedule, she confessed that she hasn’t had the time to complete the sample garments for the upcoming spring season. However, her anticipation for this year’s market prospects remains unwavering.

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