• Music fans tuned into Spotify on Friday to witness Stormzy light up five virtual worlds for Rockstar Energy’s ‘Press Play’ in-app concert that is available to stream until August 4, 2023.
  • Fans can also tune into a high-energy British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted edition of the concert, choreographed by Chris Fonseca.

DUBLIN, July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rockstar Energy Drink® has revolutionised the music landscape with a first-of-its-kind digital concert experience, featuring global superstar Stormzy. The explosive performance transported viewers into the immersive world through innovative technology, as it takes Rockstar’s new ‘Press Play’ brand platform, which aims to provide fans with the boost they need to flip from work to play and turns it into five vibrant realities. Meanwhile, local artists Ronisia, Tribbs & Smolasty, and Azet set the stage ablaze in France, Poland, and Germany, respectively.

Captivating fans worldwide, the Rockstar ‘Press Play’ Concert premiered on Spotify, featuring a high-energy showcase of Stormzy’s latest album hits, including ‘Hide & Seek’ and ‘This is What I Mean’. As well as chart-toppers ‘Big for Your Boots’, ‘Crown’, and the record-breaking single ‘Vossi Bop’. Within the in-app digital concert experience, viewers embarked on a journey exploring four distinct worlds in addition to viewing the live performance on the main stage. In the ‘City Nights’ world, Stormzy’s dynamic performance was set against mesmerising neon-lit nightscapes, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from his love of gaming, the ‘Gaming’ world immersed fans in scenes reminiscent of popular action-adventure games. The ‘Abstract’ world showcased a striking silhouette of Stormzy against colourful backdrops, amplifying the energy through brightly coloured settings. Finally, the ‘Explore’ world transported viewers to see the global artist take the stage in awe-inspiring supernatural landscapes.

Internationally acclaimed artist and Rockstar ‘Press Play’ headliner, Stormzy, commented, “Collaborating with Rockstar to bring this performance to life has been an incredible journey. From wearing the motion-capture suit to witnessing my avatar command the stage in five worlds, it has been a project that has pushed boundaries since the start. I hope it ignites the same energy and excitement in my fans as it did in me.”

This ground-breaking digital concert experience epitomises Rockstar’s new brand platform, ‘Press Play’, which empowers fans to embrace their passions by fuelling them with energy and motivation. As part of the brand’s commitment to accessibility, ‘Press Play’ aims to remove barriers that hinder individuals from indulging in the activities they love. Rockstar exemplifies this commitment through the ‘Press Play’ concert by providing free access to the performance on Spotify, as well as offering an electrifying British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted edition. Choreographed by Chris Fonseca, a talented deaf choreographer and performer, the interpretation, which uses BSL and expressive dance, adds a fresh and exciting layer of energy to Stormzy’s performance. To amplify the experience, outdoor viewing opportunities were launched in major cities worldwide, including London, Copenhagen, and Liverpool.

Never one to sacrifice style, Stormzy was dressed in outfits inspired by his renowned fashion sense, courtesy of stylist Melissa Holdbrook-Aposse in the virtual worlds. His hairstyle was also influenced by Mark Maciver, better known as SliderCuts, who is at the forefront of establishing fresh Afro-Caribbean hairstyles. The star hit the virtual world in various outfits, from his signature blue tracksuit, chic all-black cargo pants and vest to an eye-catching silver ensemble complete with a metallic puffer jacket.

Bart LaCount, Vice President of International Beverages Marketing at PepsiCo, expressed his excitement about the digital in-app experience, stating, “We are thrilled to unveil the Rockstar ‘Press Play’ concert experience, which perfectly embodies our brand ethos of making energy accessible to everyone, empowering them to say ‘yes’ to the activities they love. Stormzy’s outstanding performance and Chris Fonseca’s dynamic BSL interpretation are high-energy and provide the revitalising boost needed to help music fans switch from work to play. We are dedicated to making energy within reach for everyone, and we hope that with this performance and a refreshing can of Rockstar, our fans can make the most of their downtime.”

The Rockstar ‘Press Play’ performances by Stormzy, Ronisia, Tribbs & Smolasty, and Azet are available to stream until August 4, 2023, on Spotify, or via YouTube where music fans can experience the BSL interpretation.

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*The ‘Press Play’ in-app experience is available to all Spotify listeners.

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About Rockstar Energy
Rockstar, founded in 2001, produces beverages that aim to fuel those who need and love to do-it-all. With over 20 Rockstar Energy products available at convenience and grocery outlets in more than 30 countries globally, Rockstar gives you a bold refreshing boost, full of benefits and loaded with flavours. PepsiCo purchased the energy beverage leader in March 2020. In addition to Rockstar, PepsiCo owns the Sting and Adrenaline Rush brands, as well as GameFuel and AMP.

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About Stormzy
Stormzy is a multi-award-winning musician who hails from South London, England. His three albums to date; ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’, ‘Heavy Is The Head’ and ‘This Is What I Mean’ all finished at #1 in the UK album chart, with the former two subsequently being nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize.

His remarkable ascent has been accompanied by his honest and relatable character. A true spokesman of black empowerment and social activism, Stormzy is one of the UK’s most inspiring figureheads who has consistently stood up for people from all areas of life; encouraging his fans and listeners alike to speak openly about their beliefs and fight for their rights.

In July 2018, he announced #Merky Books, an imprint within Penguin Random House UK, dedicated to publishing the best new fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and in August 2018 he announced ‘The Stormzy Scholarship’, an annual studentship to fund black British students to go to the University of Cambridge. Since its launch, the scholarship has supported six Black students through their Cambridge education and in 2021, saw a very significant expansion with HSBC donating £2million to support 30 ‘Stormzy Scholars’ over the next 3 years.

In June 2020, he announced the launch of his charity, #Merky Foundation, to which he pledged £10 million, over 10 years, to organisations, charities and movements that are committed to fighting racial inequality, justice reform and black empowerment within the UK.

In November 2022, Stormzy announced the launch of his collaborative venture with Adidas titled #Merky FC; a programme committed to enhancing and protecting diverse representation within the football industry.

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