SHEIN Launches “AcceleraSHEIN” To Empower Marketplace Sellers, Continues Global Roll-Out of Integrated MarketplaceUSA – EnglishUSA – English

New program will support 100,000 sellers to achieve US$100,000, with 10,000 sellers tracked to achieve US$1Million in annual sales over three years

SINGAPORE, June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SHEIN, a global, integrated, fashion and lifestyle marketplace (“SHEIN Marketplace”), has announced that Mexico will follow Brazil and the U.S. in officially launching integrated marketplaces on the site in-country, offering products from third-party sellers alongside SHEIN’s own products. Launches in Germany, Spain, France, and Italy will soon follow suit. In addition to these third-party sellers, SHEIN Marketplace has also onboarded renowned global brands like Skechers, a leading footwear company known for its innovative designs, and Lansinoh, a trusted name in maternal care products in various markets.

As SHEIN continues to roll-out its marketplace offering around the world, the company has also announced the launch of a brand-new global seller empowerment program, AcceleraSHEIN.

AcceleraSHEIN offers a holistic system of support to all marketplace sellers throughout their journey on SHEIN Marketplace, including training and upskilling, seller benefits and incentives to help them achieve their business goals. 100,000 high-potential and high-performing marketplace sellers will also receive incentives and mentorship to hit annual sales milestones of US$100,000 within three years, with 10,000 sellers put on a fast-track program to achieve US$1Million in annual sales within three years.

“At SHEIN, we believe that the integration of our marketplace has enabled us to meet the ever-evolving demands of our global customers while providing tangible benefits to our valued partners and seller communities,” stated Molly Miao, Chief Operating Officer of SHEIN. “Our commitment to supporting small businesses worldwide through our platform is a cornerstone of our mission to empower entrepreneurs and drive innovation across the entire industry.”

Marketplace sellers can take advantage of weekly training sessions and workshops conducted by professional consultants as part of the AcceleraSHEIN Academy, that aim to empower marketplace sellers with tools to boost performance. Participants in AcceleraSHEIN Academy training sessions will also be able to unlock additional benefits, such as extra product showcases and traffic boosts.

As well as benefiting from SHEIN’s existing processes of fast returns and flexible payment schemes, marketplace sellers will also have access to SHEIN’s customized incentive programs to drive accelerated growth and reduce the costs of doing business, including no platform fees and limited period waivers of commissions.

In the last decade, SHEIN has built up its digital and social outreach mechanics to become one of the most recognized and mentioned brands on social media. Marketplace sellers will be able to leverage SHEIN’s brand to gain a foothold in brand recognition among SHEIN’s global customer base. Through a plethora of tools, marketplace sellers will be able to quickly respond to market demands, effectively connect with customers and efficiently leverage SHEIN’s distribution centers and warehouses around the world.

SHEIN will provide marketplace sellers with access to performance dashboards that will enable them to respond to market movements in an agile and accurate way.


SHEIN is a global, integrated marketplace offering extended fashion and lifestyle shopping categories from SHEIN branded apparel to products from a global network of sellers, all at affordable prices. Headquartered in Singapore, SHEIN remains committed to making the beauty of fashion accessible to all, leveraging its industry-leading on-demand production methodology since 2012, for a smarter, future-ready industry.

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