Rudholm Group and Charter Next Generation Unveil New Packaging Solutions Incorporating Materials Made with Greenhouse Gas to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Ecommerce Shipping

HENDERSON, Nev., April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Rudholm Group, a leader in innovative packaging solutions, has introduced a new poly mailer, or poly bag, for the ecommerce packaging market in partnership with Charter Next Generation (CNG), a leading innovator in sustainable films. This poly mailer incorporates Aircarbon, an innovative biomaterial derived from greenhouse gas (GHG) that can substantially reduce the carbon footprint of packaging solutions. 

Through a year-long collaboration, Rudholm Group and CNG have developed poly mailers that combine the durability of polyethylene (PE) with the decarbonization benefits of Aircarbon, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the packaging while maintaining performance standards.

The production of Aircarbon contributes to more carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas (CO2e) being diverted from the air than emitted, as verified by The Carbon Trust in accordance with PAS 2050 and The GHG Protocol, as well as SCS Global Services in accordance with ISO 14044. Additionally, the new poly mailer is made with a minimum of 20 percent post-consumer-recycled (PCR) content, helping the two companies reduce the need for conventional materials and accelerating the shared vision for a more circular economy.

“We’re changing the role of packaging,” states Dennis Lau, President at Rudholm. “Carbon emissions are a significant contributor to climate change, and Aircarbon enables us to create an innovative decarbonization solution for the ecommerce consumer packaging and shipping market – a pioneering initiative. We’re using greenhouse gas to create products that consumers appreciate.”

Many prominent consumer-facing companies have committed to ambitious goals of achieving net-zero or significantly reduced GHG emissions to enhance their corporate sustainability performance. With 82% of consumers expressing a desire for brands to adopt sustainable practices according to industry reports, packaging stands as a crucial area where ecommerce companies can reduce their environmental footprint.

The new poly mailers are an innovative approach to reducing the carbon footprint of packaging and shipping materials, demonstrating that even a small amount of redirected carbon can have a substantial and measurable impact.

“To accelerate decarbonization, bold and ambitious action is essential,” emphasizes Kathy Bolhous, CNG’s Chairman and CEO. “At CNG, we are committed to delivering sustainable films and material science solutions. This partnership enables our customers to grow while achieving their sustainability objectives and aids us in reducing GHG emissions, bringing us closer to our circularity targets.”

About Rudholm Group

Rudholm Group is a leader in sustainable packaging, offering a range of high-quality products while using sustainable practices that minimize harm to the environment. All Rudholm Group’s products ensure traceability and meet high environmental, social, and anti-corruption standards, made in the USA and Global across Asia and the EU. Maintaining a global manufacturing network, Rudholm Group places its focus on environmentally conscious materials and manufacturing processes for the well-being of both people and the planet, for now, and in the future. To learn more about Rudholm Group USA, please visit: or contact [email protected]

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About Newlight

Newlight uses greenhouse gas to make a high-performance material called Aircarbon®. Aircarbon is a biomaterial produced by natural microorganisms that is being used to decarbonize industrial segments including foodware, packaging, fashion and automotive. Newlight’s mission is to help end climate change by using greenhouse gas as a resource. For more information about Newlight, please visit For media inquiries, please email: [email protected]

About Charter Next Generation

Charter Next Generation (CNG) is North America’s leading producer of highly engineered solutions used in the food, consumer, healthcare, and industrial markets. Committed to a sustainability-first approach, CNG leverages material science to engineer materials that help companies meet and exceed their sustainability goals. Known for world-class manufacturing capabilities and an innovation-driven approach, CNG operates fifteen facilities and employs over 2,200 employees and is a proud partner of Ownership Works®—a nonprofit partnering with companies to enable shared ownership, granting employees a stake in the value they create. Visit our website,  follow us on LinkedIn, or contact [email protected].

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