Republic of Yas fashion gala at Gay Ocho festival

24Fashion TV proudly presents: In the heart of Miami-Little Havana (8th Street and 15th Avenue) is the historic Domino Park, where the famous designer Yas Gonzalez has created a platform to support emerging local and international designers, during the Gay8-Libertad Festival in Miami.

Republic of Yas Fashion Week was inspired by the theme of this year’s Festival, Freedom. We are not only referring to the freedom of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua or other countries. We talk about freedom of gender, expression and all the freedoms you can imagine. The designer stated.

This show is curated by Yas who was the first Cuban-American to participate in the Dubai Royal Gala along with Princess Hend Bint Faisal Al-Qasimi, at the Versace Palace. She was also the first Cuban-American to walk the second most important catwalk in the United States, Vancouver Fashion Week. Yas participated in the fashion week of Paris, London, and New York.

She has been published in Vogue, L’official, Vanity Fair, GQ, Glamor and digital sites of the fashion industry; Yas decided to support her colleagues by creating this platform to give other designers the opportunity she was never given when she started her career.

Positioning Calle Ocho as a prestigious venue for the first time during this event, the designer turns this parade into a new market for brands, celebrities, models, and the beauty industry in our community. GayOcho-Libertad Festival and Republic of Yas will transform this enchanting jewel into a Haute Couture Fashion Show.

We have the presence and support of the Fashion for a Cause foundation, Carly’s Cosmetics, the models from Imagen Modeling and House of Top Models. The audiovisual by Alternativo Art and Miami Fashion Films. The show will be led by Viviam Maria, founder and host of the radio show “Cubaneando” at WDNA.

Republic of Yas starts at 1pm with Pina Salcessi, Le Zachas Boutique, Lenis Barrera, Maia Kathalina, and Made in Miami Boutique. Then at 4pm we have designers Omdaya, Idol Jose, Aurelia Batista, Martika x Yas and Bella Bella Dresses. At 7pm our last block begins with Babastro x Yas, Carlos Andres, Indira & Isidro and finally Yas Gonzlez.

All this makes the appointment at the Republic of Yas Fashion Week an obligatory stop, which will take place this coming February 20, starting at 1:00 PM, in Domino Park, Little Havana, where the national and international media are cordially invited.

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