Record Breaking Year for Lady Black Tie, the largest dress company in Massachusetts

HUDSON, Mass., Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lady Black Tie finished 2022 strong, reporting a record 66,500 dresses sold, an impressive 84% increase compared to the previous year. Their sales volume crowns them as the largest prom and formal dress business in Massachusetts. Launched only four years ago, the Hudson, MA based business gained massive success through investing heavily in e-commerce, nailing social media and by staying on top of the latest fashion trends.

“Most of the prom stores in the region, even the largest ones with 2 dozen or more dressing rooms; they might sell between 4 to 6 thousand dresses annually because they don’t sell a lot through e-commerce,” said Marissa Tilley, the owner of Lady Black Tie.

Shoppers who visit the bustling retail store, located in The Landing at Hudson Mills building, may not be aware that beyond the walls of the retail store, they command over 12,000 sq ft of warehouse space where employees pack and ship hundreds of online orders daily. “We stock everything right here so orders ship out in one business day,” said Tilley.

The business sells through three channels, e-commerce, retail and a recently launched wholesale line. Although their e-commerce business is the largest driver of their dress sales, Tilley states it’s not going to be their primary focus for 2023.

The Hudson storefront is a major focus of Tilley’s for continued growth in 2023. “This summer, we’re planning a major renovation connecting an adjoining suite that will triple the retail store’s size and add an additional 30 dressing rooms.” Tilley states that in prom season, the wait times for the fitting rooms have become an issue. “After moving the business to Hudson, MA in 2021, we are now located in the center of the state, so we get 5 times as many customers driving to us from the North, East, South and West, so our store gets insanely crowded in the Spring, especially during Prom Season.”

The business also has their own dress line, VELVI. Originally they manufactured this dress line for themselves, however, due to the many requests from store owners, they launched wholesale in 2022 and now sell to other boutiques worldwide through FashionGo, a B2B fashion marketplace. “Our line, VELVI, is still in the early stages, however we are now stocked in various boutiques in over 40 states as well as internationally and we see this as being a major driver for business growth as we look into 2023,” said Tilley.

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