ORIGIN Announces New Performance Sports Apparel Product Line

“Our customers know that every dollar they spend with ORIGIN goes back into our communities right here at home,” says Roberts. “We’ve worked hard to create quality products, built for durability and comfort, and available at a competitive price. We want to give consumers an easy switch from the brands who only claim to be American brands.”

The new product line launching Friday at noon on the OriginUSA.com website is comparable to offerings from companies like Nike and Adidas – but built on an entirely domestic supply chain, instead of being shipped from factories in places like Honduras, China, or Pakistan.

“One of the most satisfying things for me to see is the product our teams developed being worn and challenged by an athlete in their regimen – where they’ve spent their hard-earned dollars and are proud to wear it,” says Travis Gessley, ORIGIN’s VP of Product. Formerly from Under Armour, Gessley enjoys the vertically integrated model to manufacture “fiber to finish” as Roberts refers to it, but he readily admits that the dedication to keep everything sourced and made in the USA adds an additional challenge to the process. “It really highlights the state of our country’s ability to produce our own goods at home.”

The ability to manufacture essential goods in the United States is something that Jocko Willink, co-owner of ORIGIN, retired Navy SEAL Officer, NY Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and world-famous podcaster, highlights frequently in interviews as “an economic war with China.” Where popular textiles and cheap labor are abundantly available from overseas suppliers, ORIGIN has remained dedicated to resurrecting supply chains and reviving factory jobs in towns where American pride and ingenuity in manufacturing were once the heartbeat of the community.

While modeling the new ORIGIN RTX (Roll. Train. Execute.) product line, Willink states: “The plan, the idea, the thought doesn’t matter. If you want to win, you have to execute.” He’s talking about the mindset required for a disciplined training regimen, but his statement also applies to how the company perseveres to grow and scale the ORIGIN Factory Blockchain model for domestic sourcing and manufacturing. With factories in Maine and North Carolina, a coast-to-coast product development process, and domestic supply chains strengthening around the country, ORIGIN is proving this American dream a reality.

ORIGIN was founded when Pete Roberts, in 2012 with friends and family, cut down a forest in the woods of Maine, built a timber frame factory, bought an old L.L.Bean sewing machine, hooked up a generator, and started getting to work. Despite most companies importing from China or Pakistan, Pete was naive enough to think he could spearhead a renaissance of manufacturing and committed that ORIGIN would be built by American workers using an all-American supply chain, without compromise.

As ORIGIN grew, abandoned equipment, not used in over 30 years, was reclaimed and transformed into functional machines to produce new products. When the pandemic highlighted the need for American-made products and supply chains, ORIGIN doubled their workforce to meet pent-up demand, invested in two factories and a workforce in North Carolina, and revived the last remaining denim manufacturing plant and wash house in America with full production and staffing. ORIGIN is a salt-of-the-earth family business, manufacturing all-American performance textiles and durable goods, including everyday workwear and clothing, denim, boots, fitness gear, and hunting apparel.



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