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STOCKHOLM, May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ombori today announced that its new StoreAI extension to Ombori Grid will include AI-powered solutions from footwear fitting specialists Volumental. 

Volumental’s FitTech platform uses a fully integrated suite of 3D scanning and data tools to optimize fit and produce footwear recommendations. Volumental In-Store scanners create an accurate 3D model of the customer’s foot in less than five seconds – all the customer has to do is to remove their shoe and stand on the scanner. While traditional shoe fittings just measure the length and width of the customer’s foot, FitTech takes ten measurements, such as arch height, instep height, heel width, and ball width. This gives a much more detailed indication of the ideal shoe and size. 

The Volumental AI-driven Fit Engine™ then matches the customer’s foot size and shape to the shoe data, and recommends shoes which will be comfortable and well fitted. It will also check inventory to ensure that products are in stock and show the customer what color or style options are available. Customers can select from different shoe types, such as sneakers, casual shoes, formal shoes, and so on. When they select a shoe, the screen will show them how well it fits, and whether it will be snug or loose in different areas. 

Using Volumental FitTech enables customers to find the right shoes quickly and easily, and make an immediate purchase. They no longer need to waste time trying on shoes which look good and are the right size, but which don’t actually fit their feet. This results in an average 20% increase in sales and an 18% drop in returns. 

In addition, FitTech increases customer engagement by offering to send customers their foot data. 71% of customers take this option, which provides retailers with future opportunities to send personalized marketing and branding messages or enroll them in a loyalty program. 

Ombori Grid enables retailers to extend this even further. Customers can send a request from the scanning station to have shoes brought to them, and staff will receive it using the Task app. When they find a shoe they want to buy, customers can pay using Mobile POS without having to go to a checkout. This makes the shopping experience even more enjoyable and friction-free. 

OmboriGrid CEO Andreas Hassellöf said, “AI for retail is so much more than chatbots. Volumental is a great example of that.” 

Volumental CEO Alper Aydemir commented, “This is the future. Combining FitTech with Grid is creating friction-free and personalized footwear shopping.” 


Andreas Hassellöf, CEO, OmboriGrid AB (publ), +46 8 720 25 00, [email protected] 

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