Men’s Underwear Company Signs NIL Deal With Clemson Basketball Player’s… Balls

DENVER, Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Irreverent clothing brand Shinesty, a leading men’s underwear company, announced they have signed an NIL deal with Clemson basketball player Brevin Galloway. Well, sort of. They signed a deal with his balls.

Galloway rose to viral fame after sustaining an injury he described as, “my balls exploding.” He is recovering after undergoing surgery for what’s technically called testicular torsion. “The doctor said it was because I was most likely wearing loose boxers,” he said.

The words “loose boxers” triggered the folks at Shinesty. “When we heard about Brevin’s nightmarish outcome, we knew we had just the solution so this never happens to him again,” said Shinesty’s creative director Ben Lauderdale. Enter Ball Hammock® pouch underwear, the perfect match for Galloway’s…basketballs.

Shinesty is home to Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear, men’s underwear that feature a proprietary supportive pouch to keep balls safe, secure, and out of harm’s way.

Lauderdale said, “There’s always a great opportunity for an endorsement deal when a rising athlete ‘explodes’ onto the scene.” He said Shinesty had to keep this playmaker’s babymakers safe for the rest of his season. “Our company has a passion for testicular comfort and scrotal safety. It just makes sense to partner with a set of balls in need.”

The company is providing Galloway (well, his balls) with enough Ball Hammock® pouch underwear to last him throughout his college career. Shinesty also gave him an undisclosed amount of cash, and said it would most likely be enough to cover his deductible for surgery.

Galloway is expected to make a full recovery and return to the court later this month. He’s excited to start playing again, saying “Now I can focus on dropping 3’s since I know Ball Hammocks won’t drop my 2’s.”

This isn’t Shinesty’s first foray into offering college athletes a lucrative endorsement…package. The company signed an NIL deal with University of Colorado Offensive Lineman Tommy Brown, making him the college football’s first professional underwear supermodel.

Galloway is represented by Raymond Representation who was excited to see him turn a difficult situation into a positive one and will look forward to Brevin’s balls staying on the court.

About Shinesty: Founded in 2014 by Chris White and Jens Nicolaysen, Shinesty’s mission is to make the world take itself less seriously. The company is famous for its Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear, crazy party clothing, and irreverent brand voice. Shinesty employs more than 80 people and was recently named to Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies of 2022 list.

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Men’s Underwear Company Signs NIL Deal With Clemson Basketball Player’s… Balls

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