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NEW YORK, Aug. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The social media industry continues to take on proven risks to mental health, addictive algorithms, and data privacy issues. The Seattle school system is suing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Google over contributing to wide scale mental health crises among youths. In fact, Utah law bans social media companies from using addictive algorithms for minors while Montana has banned TikTok completely. 

Meet RTRO: the new standard in social media. Launched in May 2023, RTRO’s mission is to take us back to when social was simply about sharing authentic content and making positive connections between people, brands and creators. RTRO provides an alternative and supports mental well-being by enabling people to do the two things they love most: keep up with friends and family without brand ads in their feed (RTROcircles) and exploring cool content without harmful algorithms (RTROtv). With social media growth projected to grow to six billion users by 2027, RTRO is the solution for fun and connective social. 

The U.S Surgeon General recently announced social media causes profound risks for our youth. Universities are releasing research showing a sharp decline in teen mental health including dramatic increases in anxiety, depression, and suicide around the time when social media became common in 2010. What actually uplifts and energizes Gen Z? Indeed, research studies and trend reports indicate that nostalgia from previous eras gives them a sense of comfort. 70% of American Z’s watch and listen to media from earlier decades as it reminds them of when things were simpler. 80% of Gen Z said they like when brands bring back old aesthetics, and 74% like when brands produce retro-style products and content. Indeed, Research studies and trend reports indicate that nostalgia from previous eras gives them a sense of comfort.

The RTRO social media platform is the first innovation in the chat space in years. “RTROcircles” are where you can get creative and have fun sharing messages, videos, photos, and music with unique throwback features like postcards, mixtapes, RTROpolaroids. These introduce a way to “slow social,” where you live in the moment, feel present and fall in love with staying connected to friends and family. The nostalgic energy of the app appeals to the masses – from boomers who miss the good ol’ days to gen Zers who are becoming more and more infatuated with the past and yearn for those back-in-the-day experiences from the pre-internet eras. 

59% of GenZ are concerned that Big Tech algorithms are creating digital echo chambers, an indicator of algorithm anxiety. RTROtv is the first algorithm-free “channel-surfing” exploration of brand and creator content, putting people back in control over what they want to see and when. RTROtv is where we reclaim our attention spans and rewire how we consume content. RTROtv connects brands, creators in a safe space fostering 2-way relationships built on mutual admiration instead of “followers.”

“RTRO combines what we love most about social media with what we feel nostalgic for from the past. Because of this, RTRO is designed to connect people, brands, and creators in communities rather than just being about individuals or followers. RTRO’s algorithm-free environment lets you live and think freely. Nicole Falco, CEO/Founder.

RTRO Founder, Nicole Falco curated an advisory team of Gen Z/Millennial influencers and professionals with diverse backgrounds including Fashion, Sports, Beauty, Culture, Music and the Arts. They guide and shape how the platform evolves so that the needs of the community are truly served. A fan of fun, Nicole collaborates with the RTRO creator community, which includes over 250 TikTok and IG influencers who joined the platform, inspired by the mission of “to support our best social lives.”

RTRO is available in the Apple Store and can be downloaded here

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