LAIRD Apparel Launches Women’s Collection: GABBY

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LAIRD Apparel, the high-performance activewear and lifestyle brand, has launched its women’s collection, GABBY, inspired by fitness icon Gabby Reece.

The GABBY launch was celebrated with a HIGHX fitness event led by Gabby Reece in Manhattan Beach, California. 

“The event was intended to introduce the women’s line through a genuine channel, which is getting people together to exercise,” says founder and inspiration behind the line, Gabby Reece. “Philosophically for me and for Laird, there is this idea that helping each other move is time well spent. That is something we have always done together. So, we did the launch in the most appropriate way – we trained together. We worked hard, celebrated our desire to move and had some fun.” 

The debut collection is a capsule of key performance items that are essential to any fitness wardrobe. Premium fabrics are the cornerstone of the collection and all pieces have been rigorously tested by elite athletes to ensure both functionality and fit. 

“The line embodies fundamental things that are important to me. First and foremost, this is equipment for training, so it must be functional. I know many of the pieces will be worn for other different applications – maybe even more than for training itself. But the fact is, I still need them to work when I train. The other key components are the fit and the material. The pieces need to be made thoughtfully and of the highest quality. I want our customer to know that we had her in mind when we were developing the line. And, lastly, I want the pieces to look good and be something that gives you a little extra pep in your step when you train or drive your kids somewhere or run to the market or go to a meeting. In all ways, this line supports you. The pieces work well, the materials are premium, and they allow you to feel that you are ready to take on whatever you are doing throughout your day.” 

GABBY is available exclusively at and in the coming months will expand to include lifestyle pieces in addition to the initial performance collection. 


LAIRD Apparel is a high-performance activewear and lifestyle brand inspired by legendary fitness power couple Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece. LAIRD Apparel embodies their adventurous nature as well as their resilience, innovation, perseverance and determination.

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