Introducing Parker & Talia – A New Sensory Friendly Clothing Line for Infants & Toddlers & Kids

NEW YORK, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Finding children’s clothing that is comfortable and stylish can be a challenge for parents, but it can be even more challenging when their child has sensory issues. Parker & Talia is pleased to announce the launch of their new clothing line, which has been specifically designed for infants , toddlers , and kids with sensory challenges.

For children with sensory processing disorders, everyday activities such as dressing can be a major challenge. Children may find certain fabrics, seams, tags, or textures unbearable, causing them discomfort and anxiety. As a result, they may refuse to wear certain clothing, making it difficult for parents to find suitable options. According to JAMA Pediatrics, “One in six children have sensory processing difficulties.” That’s why Parker & Talia has introduced their new sensory-friendly clothing line, designed to minimize potential sensory triggers and create a clothing experience that is both comfortable and stylish for all children.

Parker & Talia creates bright and colorful clothing made from sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo-based jersey fabric. Bamboo fabric is an ideal choice for children with sensory processing disorders as it is incredibly soft and moisture-wicking.

But it’s not just about the materials used in the clothing line. Parker & Talia understands that children with sensory challenges may find certain clothing features uncomfortable, such as tags or exposed seams. Each item in their clothing line is gender-neutral, free from tags, and has no exposed seams, making it as comfortable as possible.

With this new clothing line, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children will no longer fight them on getting dressed. Comfortable fabric, no tags or exposed seams, and fun designs and colors ensure children will have options that they can feel comfortable in all day long.

“My clothing line came from being a mother, and Parker & Talia is named after my children. I’m glad to have this space to share my story and my clothes with a larger community,” says the founder of Parker & Talia, Valerie Bernal. As a mother of children with sensory sensitivities, she knows just how important it is to have clothing that is comfortable and makes them feel good.

The Parker & Talia collection includes a range of tops, joggers, onesies, baby swaddles, and more, all designed with sensory needs in mind. With bright and bold colors and more subdued neutral options, Parker & Talia has something for everyone.

The mission behind Parker & Talia is to make the world a more sensory-friendly place. With the belief that every child deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their clothing, their clothing collection aims to support families with children who face sensory processing disorders and provide an alternative to traditional, sensory-overloading apparel.

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About Parker & Talia:

Parker & Talia is a clothing brand committed to creating clothing that is inclusive for all children. Founded by Valerie Bernal, who has children with sensory sensitivities, the brand is designed to address the challenges that come with finding comfortable clothing for children with sensory challenges. Parker & Talia uses eco-friendly bamboo-based fabric that is soft and hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for children’s clothing for children with sensory sensitivities. This brand aims to empower children and their families by providing clothing options that work for them, specific to their individual needs. Learn more at

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Phone Number:  1-800-957-7289

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