Highlights From Paris Fashion Week 2022: Men Are the New Men

Highlights From Paris Fashion Week 2022: Men Are the New Men.
The importance of sticking to your guns, metaphorically and creatively speaking, was a takeaway of a resurgent men’s wear season in a tourist-mobbed and superficially booming Paris.
As seemingly everywhere, prices in the French capital have skyrocketed.
Hotels at all levels are sold out, and the cost of a takeout jambon beurre sandwich is nearly double that of just six months ago.
The challenges for actual men’s wear designers, as distinct from multinational groups using apparel as a loss leader for selling logo bags, include starting up a fresh conversation with consumers, reimagining the landscape of work and using the evolution of the ways we interpret gender as a creative tool.
Regarding the latter, this may be the place to note that, despite the prevalence of clutches, totes, murses, skirts and various other frilly things some designers have successfully drained of traditional feminine associations, men’s wear this season focused on those who skew masculine.

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This news story originally appeared at Fashion - on 15 February 2023