High-End Jewelry Line ABUNDANTIA NEW YORK BY SUPRIYA VANI Launches in New York

NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Supriya Vani, former journalist, bestselling author, and interviewer of Nobel Peace Laureates and world leaders, has launched a high-end jewelry line in Manhattan, New York, aiming to strengthen women’s financial independence.

The glimmering skyline of Manhattan, New York, welcomes a dazzling addition to its fashion landscape as Abundantia New York, a visionary jewelry brand, takes center stage. Poised at the intersection of elegance and purpose, this opulent brand is the brainchild of renowned journalist and international best-selling author, Supriya Vani. With a remarkable portfolio of interviews featuring a galaxy of Nobel Peace Laureates and world leaders, Vani now embarks on a profound journey to redefine luxury jewelry simultaneously empowering women by fostering financial independence in them.

Abundantia New York emerges as a beacon of inspiration, transcending the realms of conventional luxury to embrace a higher calling. Committed to empowering women, the brand breathes life into exquisite masterpieces that resonate with the spirits of those who wear them. Beyond its timeless allure, each jewel from Abundantia New York carries the indelible mark of a purpose-driven philosophy.

Supriya Vani, Founder of Abundantia New York, shares her impassioned vision, “Jewelry is not merely an adornment; it is an expression of one’s inner strength and the real identity. With Abundantia, we have woven a profound mission into every jewel – to embolden women, uplift communities, and pave the path to financial independence. We believe that true luxury radiates not only from the brilliance of precious stones but also from real liberation by dismantling stereotypes that have restrained women from unleashing their true potential worldwide.”

Abundantia New York wishes to partner with organizations dedicated to women’s emancipation, weaving social responsibility into the very fabric of its brand essence. A percentage of each purchase furthers the brand’s unwavering commitment to change the status quo that has stymied womanhood. Through these collaborative efforts, Abundantia New York strives to nurture a world where women shine brightly as the architects of their destinies.

As Manhattan anticipates the spectacular debut of Abundantia New York, the fashion landscape brims with exuberance. Prepare to witness the communion of elegance, purpose, and empowerment, as this transformative jewelry brand redefines the very essence of luxury imparting purpose to beauty! 

Brace yourself for invoking the abundance within. Abundantia is here to celebrate women and crown womanhood!

For media inquiries, exclusive interviews, or further information about Abundantia New York’s mission and collection, please contact: [email protected] or https://abundantianewyork.com/.

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