Here’s Why Quality Sleepwear is Important for Good Sleep
Sleepwear can significantly enhance the quality of sleep of a person, with breathable fabrics promoting relaxation and regulating the body temperature throughout the night.

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Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't just involve eating right, exercising and reducing stress. Insufficient or poor-quality sleep can result in long-term health consequences. According to Gingerlilly, designer of luxurious women's sleepwear, the right pyjamas can be a game-changer when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. 

Gingerlilly says the key to good sleep is comfort, and pyjama fabric is an important consideration. Choosing breathable, natural fabrics that are soft and naturally cooling will help to regulate body temperature throughout the night. 

Luxurious fabrics such as silk and linen are super soft and breathable, explains Gingerlilly. These natural fabrics have heat and moisture-wicking properties, making them ideal for hot sleepers. 

Breathable fabrics are also important for preventing irritation and bacteria build-up, as well as overall discomfort. Bamboo is a surprisingly soft, naturally cooling fabric that is also hypoallergenic with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, plus this eco-friendly material is also gorgeously soft to wear, says Gingerlilly.

Some other quality fabrics ideal for inducing a good night's sleep include modal, which is made from the pulp from Beech trees and has a super soft, luxurious feel, while viscose is sustainable and great at absorbing sweat. Sustainable and good for the planet, these highly breathable fabrics keep sleepers cool, dry and comfortable, explains Gingerlilly. 

The designer, who ships luxurious women's pyjamas Australia-wide, says there are a few things people should avoid wearing to bed if they want to get a quality sleep. Tight clothing, elastic that's too tight and bras can cause discomfort and trap body heat. 

Dead skin cells are shed while sleeping, which, combined with sweat and the body's natural oils, can irritate the skin, disrupting sleep. Gingerlilly points out the importance of regularly washing PJs and steering clear of fragrant detergents and fabric softeners that can trigger allergies or rashes, interfering with sleep. 

Known for designing luxurious, chic sleepwear and loungewear, Gingerlilly products are made using sustainable fabrics that provide ultimate comfort for sleeping. To discover the best range of pyjamas Australia-wide, visit Gingerlilly online.

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