Grounded People Unveils Lineup of First-Ever Cruelty-Free Leather and Suede Shoe Designs Made with Innovative Materials and Re-introduces Best-Seller

VANCOUVER, BC, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Grounded People Apparel Inc. (“Grounded” or the “Company“) (CSE: SHOE), an ethical shoe apparel company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, dedicated to reducing the harmful impact of the global fashion industry on the environment, is pleased to announce the release of its first-ever cruelty-free leather and suede shoes, as well as the return of its all-time best seller the Lee.

Grounded People’s newly released designs for their ethical shoe collection include the Oli, a stunning grey cruelty-free suede that will turn heads, while the Mika features a sleek cruelty-free white leather and an outsole made from all-natural gum. And if that wasn’t enough, the iconic Lee shoe is back by popular demand which is made from 100% recycled cotton and rubber from rubber trees. All three shoes are available for purchase on

“We are thrilled to launch our new collection of cruelty-free suede and leather shoes, an unrivaled combination of style and environmental responsibility,” said Max Justus, co-founder, and CEO of Grounded People. “Also, back by popular demand is an enhanced edition of our best-selling Lee shoe in a captivating off-white color and is now equipped with a 5-year warranty. At Grounded People, our mission remains to provide our customers with impeccably fitting, fashionable, sustainable, and ethically sourced footwear. These innovative additions affirm our dedication to this mission, ensuring that Grounded People continues to lead the way to a more sustainable future in fashion. Our journey has been truly remarkable, marked by constant growth and the unwavering support of our incredible and loyal clientele.”

The vegan leather and suede fabrics used in the Oli and Mika shoes come from Grupo Morón a leader in innovative textile technology. The breathable and waterproof onMicro® microfibre fabric is sustainable in design helping to reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of the production process. Each shoe box features a Q.R. code that traces the origins of the fabric and materials used in the manufacturing process, and the boxes are also made from recycled materials.

“We want to be transparent with our customers about the materials we use in our products, and the Q.R. code is a fun and transparent method for us to prove our commitment to sustainable fashion,” added Justus.

The Lee, Oli, and Mika shoes are now available on the Grounded People website and Amazon for $189. Grounded People will continue to explore sustainable and ethical fashion alternatives as it works towards a more sustainable future.

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Grounded People Apparel Inc. is a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada based innovative apparel company focused on delivering high quality products to its customers that are 100% PeTA – APPROVED vegan.  The Company is primarily engaged in the business of fair trade, sustainable and earth-conscious fashion. The Company’s products which are made from sustainable, ethically-sourced and produced materials, and are manufactured by fair-trade workers, in a 100% vegan manufacturing facility which is located in Brazil.

In addition to its commitment to a fashion industry that reduces waste and environmental impacts, the Company aims to create a meaningful positive impact on the world through its L.A.C.E.S. campaign. The L.A.C.E.S. campaign provides consumers an option to select a specific set of shoelaces to accompany their footwear purchase the colour of which is associated with one of the charities the Company has committed to support, whereby all profits from the sale of shoelaces will be donated correspondingly.

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