With a Modern Runway Fashion Film, GCDS Reveals its Spring/Summer 2022 Collection directed by Giuliano Calza.

As Calza’s fashion journey continues to evolve, the designer has found himself on a proverbial island in the sun, shining with surreal brilliance far beyond the horizon. In this paradise, there’s an element of escapism, and the freedom one might find in getting away from the turmoil of the past eighteen months. Throughout this nautical frontier, Calza’s favorite fashion fixations have become the stylings of a water-world fairytale. They revel in both relaxation and hedonism; they’re a prologue to a bright new future.

Written by: Giuliano Calza
Film Director: Giuliano Calza
Production: Canada Productions
DOP: Diego Rosenblatt
Styling: Anna Trevelyan
Casting Director: Evelien Joos and Shaun Beyen

MUA: Thom Walker
Hair: Charlie Le Mindu
Nails: Sayaka Miyasaka
Composer: Katoo

Talent 1 Diego Villarreal
Talent 2 Jonas Barros
Talent 3 Ottawa Kwami
Talent 4 Isabeli Fontana
Talent 5 Angair Biong
Talent 6 Miriam Sáez
Talent 7 Tj Sawyerr
Talent 8 Randy A.
Talent 9 Alejo Humanes
Talent 10 Luisa Pérez
Talent 11 Ben Hailu
Talent 12 Mina Serrano
Talent 13 Mouhameth N’diaye
Talent 14 Mao Xiaoxing
Talent 15 Bibi Abdulkadir
Talent 16 Zsofia Varju
Talent 17 Leonardo Velez
Talent 18 Ceval Omar
Talent 19 Marc Jean
Talent 20 Malcolm Bosoka
Talent 21 Kennah Lau
Talent 22 María Peña
Talent 23 Maggie Rawlins
Talent 24 Fanny Chougui
Talent 25 Ana Maytin
Talent 26 Jacob Grundsell
Talent 27 Ilan Guyot
Talent 28 Magdaleno
Talent 29 Yarlin Mateo
Talent 30 Djily Kamara
Talent 31 Sita Abellan
Talent 32 Raya Martigny

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This news story originally appeared at Fashion - Beauty News on 9 January 2023