Colour Changing Packaging Market to Reach USD 2,178.5 Million by 2034, Driven by Food Safety Concerns

The global colour changing packaging market is expected to grow due to rising demand for packaging solutions that ensure food safety and enhance customer engagement. The food and beverage industry is a major driver, seeking colour changing packages that indicate spoilage or freshness. This technology also offers opportunities for interactive marketing and brand storytelling. With a focus on safety and innovation, the market is expected to see significant growth in regions like China and India.

NEWARK, Del., June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — According to Future Market Insights, Inc. the global colour changing packaging market is estimated to be around USD 1,443.7 million in 2024. With sales estimated to register a CAGR of 4.2% over the forecast period, the market valuation is envisioned to reach USD 2,178.5 million by 2034. The packaging sector is developing the demand for colour changing packages by creating indigenous solutions that cater to consumer health. The food and beverage sector is undergoing an exciting transformation as the demand for colour changing packaging, which combines technology and practicality, grows. This novel strategy transforms the way we engage with food and puts safety first in a dynamic economy, benefiting both producers and consumers.

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The ability of colour changing packaging to prevent food deterioration is one of its most alluring uses. Only seldom does traditional packaging convey a product’s freshness adequately, which increases the danger of spoiled food contamination and related health hazards. To solve this important issue, businesses in the food and beverage sector are aggressively looking to the colour changing packaging market. For instance, a meat packaging that visibly signals a temperature violation by changing colour or a milk carton that quietly changes colour as it gets closer to its expiration date. These developments greatly lower the risk of foodborne diseases and enable customers to make knowledgeable decisions about the food they buy.

The colour changing packaging market goes far beyond simple freshness markers. Businesses are looking at all the ways that colour adjustments might improve the customer experience. Imagine a bag of chips that advertises its spice through colour changes or a children’s yogurt carton that changes colour dependent on taste. Increased brand memory and customer attention might result from this degree of interaction.

Companies such as Kellogg’s and Danone, for example, might use this technology to develop entertaining packaging experiences that appeal to their target market. Additionally, a company’s logo or mascot may be included in a colour changing design that changes in response to light or temperature to convey a story about the business. This creates opportunities for creative marketing initiatives that transcend conventional packaging design.

“For the food and beverage industries, the demand for colour changing packaging represents a huge advancement. This technology can revolutionize the food safety industry and strengthen brand identity while also improving the consumer experience. A rise in the use of Colour Changing packaging solutions is anticipated as research and development continue to advance, and production prices become more affordable. This will bring in a future where colour plays a dynamic part in guaranteeing food safety and customer happiness, revolutionizing the way food is packed, promoted, and ultimately consumed.” says Ismail Sutaria (Lead Consultant, Packaging and Materials at Future Market Insights, Inc.).

Key Takeaways from the Colour Changing Packaging Market Report

  • Plastic segment in the colour changing packaging sector holds a revenue share of 27% in 2024.
  • In 2024, the demand for colour changing packaging in the food sector is likely to result in a share of 27%.
  • The colour changing packaging industry in the United States is anticipated to see a CAGR of 4.1% from 2024 to 2034.
  • The colour changing packaging sector in China is projected to showcase a CAGR of 4.3% through 2034.
  • The colour changing packaging market in India is anticipated to display a CAGR of 4.4% by 2034.

Competitive Analysis of the Colour Changing Packaging Sector

Prominent corporations are making significant investments in research and development to advance colour changing packaging materials and technologies, therefore expanding the realm of possible outcomes. The market environment is also being shaped by strategic mergers and acquisitions, which enable businesses to expand their capabilities and resources. Top manufacturers are also launching new product lines that are customized to meet particular market demands, supporting a range of applications and drawing in more customers from a larger range of sectors. This dynamic and cutthroat industry for Colour Changing packaging is expected to develop significantly.

Recent Industry Development in Colour Changing Packaging Sector

A Corona Extra beer can with Feliz Navi-Drip, limited-edition packaging, and matching robes coated in colour changing outer layers were made by celebrity fashion designer Talia Coles in November 2023.

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About the Author:

Ismail Sutaria (Lead Consultant, Packaging and Materials at Future Market Insights, Inc.) has over 8 years of experience in market research and consulting in the packaging & materials industry. Ismail’s strength lies in identifying key challenges faced by the client and offering logical and actionable insights to equip the clients with strategic decision-making power. 

Ismail has been an instrumental part of several transformational consulting assignments. His key skills include competitive benchmarking, opportunity assessment, macroeconomic analysis, and business transformation advisory. Ismail is an MBA holder in Marketing and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. 

Ismail is a regular at industry conferences and expos and has been widely covered in electronic and print media. He is a Speaker at our upcoming Talk show – Rise of the Intelligent Packaging. Ismail has been quoted in leading publications, including the European Pharmaceutical Review and the European Adhesive Tape Association. 

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