CleanCloud launches nationwide shoe & leather goods repairs for Dry Cleaners and Laundromats, powered by Cobblers Direct

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, CleanCloud, the all-in-one point of sale (POS) software for the dry cleaning industry, announced a new partnership with Cobblers Direct,  the online spinoff of the world’s largest shoe and leather goods repair company, The Shoe Hospitals. With this innovative integration, CleanCloud has enabled its North American customers to add significant revenue and a new service to their existing dry cleaning business by offering quality repair services for leather goods including shoes, belts and handbags, without increasing their operational overheads.

Simplicity in Action

With this new integration, CleanCloud dry cleaning customers can now accept leather goods for repair from their customers when they drop off their dry cleaning. The business owner inputs the order into their CleanCloud POS, and uses a prepaid shipping label to mail all items to Cobblers Direct once or twice a week depending on quantity. The dry cleaner owner keeps a portion of the sale value, providing a vital additional revenue stream.

There is no need for additional training for dry cleaners. All questions and communication with the customer relating to repair services are handled by Cobblers Direct. Customers can even scan a QR code and chat in real-time to a Cobblers Direct representative.

Once repairs are complete, Cobblers Direct ships the items back to the dropoff location, and the customer receives an email alert that their order is ready for pick-up. It’s that simple.

“We know that there is huge demand for local shoe repairs in the market. Utilising a familiar CleanCloud interface, and having access to bite-sized video training content, CleanCloud users will be able to offer shoe repair services for customers adding significant value with minimal effort” says John Buni, CEO of CleanCloud

Powering growth in the industry

Not only does the integration offer a new revenue stream, it will also give CleanCloud customers the opportunity to be discovered by new customers, as each store will receive their own custom-branded, SEO optimised landing page on helping to drive foot traffic to CleanCloud dry cleaners.

“On average, our partners are seeing that about 50% of their shoe repair customers become brand new dry-cleaning customers. Shoe repair is a great way to grow your business overall. It’s a win-win”, says Stephen Kelly, CEO of Cobblers Direct. “Having decades of experience, we’ve worked hard to make this program as easy as possible for our Dry Cleaners to use, with the ultimate goal of creating an impactful and unforgettable customer experience to drive loyalty and repeat business.”

For end customers and dry cleaners alike, the timing could not be better. Many of the nation’s dedicated shoe repair businesses closed during the pandemic, and with the rising cost of living more and more Americans will be looking to repair rather than replace their leather goods.

About CleanCloud

CleanCloud is the world’s leading POS & business management software, specialized for dry cleaners. With thousands of users in over 90 countries, CleanCloud focuses on making businesses more efficient, profitable and technologically advanced. For more information, visit or email [email protected]

About Cobblers Direct

Cobblers Direct, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is the online, mail-order arm of the world’s largest shoe repair company – The Shoe Hospitals – who have been repairing shoes, boots, handbags, belts and all-things-leather since 1906. The company seeks to encourage consumers to “repair over replace” by making the highest quality craftsmanship available to anyone, anywhere. Cobblers Direct is powered by lifelong cobblers who love their craft. For more information, visit or email [email protected]

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CleanCloud launches nationwide shoe & leather goods repairs for Dry Cleaners and Laundromats, powered by Cobblers Direct

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