Ami Women’s & Men’s Spring Summer 2023 Fashion Show

“Of all the neighborhoods of Paris, Montmartre holds the most special place in my heart. Everywhere I have lived in Paris, I could always get a glimpse of the Sacré Cœur from my windows. Montmartre is a concentrate of the spirit of Paris, of its candor and energy, of its intertwined bourgeois and bohemian identities. There is a retro atmosphere like nowhere else in the capital: it is vivacious and delightfully cheeky, it perfectly echoes the values of Ami, it celebrates love and friendship, inclusion and diversity. This is the reason why I named Ami’s Spring Summer 23 collection “Coeur Sacré”. It is an homage to the artists I admire, who have also been inspired by Montmartre, and to the great diversity of people who, every day, perpetuate this unique Parisian vibe.”
Alexandre Mattiussi

Designed by Alexandre Mattiussi
Styling – Carlos Nazario
Casting – DM Casting, Piergiorgio Del Moro, Samuel Ellis
Set – Obo
Soundtrack – Jepe, Para One
Beauty – Adrien Pinault, Benjamin Muller
Movement Director – Stephen Galloway
Movie Direction – Titre Provisoire

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This news story originally appeared at Fashion - Trend Magazine on 24 November 2022