Ambercycle and Shinkong Form Strategic Partnership to Scale Production of Circular Materials

LOS ANGELES, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ambercycle, a leading innovator in circular materials, and Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation are excited to announce a strategic partnership to enable circularity in apparel. The collaboration aims to accelerate the production of high-quality performance yarns using Ambercycle’s regenerated cycora® material, in response to the heightened demand of the industry. Textile-to-textile regenerated materials will radically improve the sustainability of apparel supply chains by reducing emissions, minimizing reliance on virgin resources, and diverting end-of-life textiles away from landfills.

Since 2021, Ambercycle and Shinkong Synthetics have worked closely to develop and manufacture premium performance yarns containing cycora® material. “Ambercycle’s product quality is one of the best regenerated polyesters made from landfill-destined textile waste available in the market or in the development phase worldwide. We are able to make performance specialty yarn products with cycora® that are not able to be made with other materials,” said Sam Hu, Division General Manager at Shinkong Synthetics. “Both Ambercycle and Shinkong Synthetics share a long-term orientation and unwavering commitment to achieving true circularity in apparel.”

By harnessing Shinkong Synthetics’ world-class manufacturing capabilities and Ambercycle’s expertise in molecular regeneration technology, this partnership is uniquely positioned to rapidly scale the manufacturing of regenerated filament yarn. Both parties are exploring the construction and operation of a commercial-scale manufacturing facility, under an executed memorandum of understanding (MoU).

Shay Sethi, co-founder and CEO at Ambercycle, underscored the alignment between the two companies, stating, “Ambercycle’s focus on novel circular product creation aligns perfectly with Shinkong’s desire to enhance their sustainable offerings by adopting cycora® regenerated polyester. We are moving quickly to scale our production capabilities, and thus make circular materials available and accessible as soon as possible.”

Currently less than 1% of all end-of-life textiles are recycled via closed-loop systems. Replacing virgin inputs with textile-to-textile regenerated materials is one of the most impactful actions the apparel industry can take towards decarbonizing its supply chain. Commercial-scale production resulting from this partnership will enable brands and manufacturers to seamlessly integrate and commercialize circular materials within their existing supply chains. The collaboration signifies a momentous step toward the industry’s transition to a future where circular products become the norm.

About Shinkong Synthetics

Shinkong Synthetics Fibers Corporation (SSFC) is a leading global manufacturer of PET polymer materials and a core company of the Shin Kong Group, one of the largest business groups in Taiwan.

About Ambercycle

Ambercycle is the ecosystem for circular textiles. Established in 2015, this Los Angeles-based company is revolutionizing the fashion industry with its award-winning molecular regeneration technology. cycora® regenerated polyester is the company’s first premium material solution made from end-of-life textiles. Driven by the vision to improve humanity’s relationship with materials, Ambercycle is minimizing the impact of raw material extraction on our environment and paving the way to decarbonize fashion.

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