ALTR Founder Amish Shah Launches J’evar, A Fine Jewelry Brand Made with Lab Grown Diamonds, Bridging the Gap Between Sustainability and Beauty

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ALTR Created Diamonds founder Amish Shah today announced the launch of a new purpose-driven fine jewelry brand, J’evar. Dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to transition the diamond industry towards a future where there is no compromise between sustainability and beauty. J’evar jewelry is influenced by art and architecture, and designed to be both wearable and relevant, melding the traditional and the contemporary, with an obsessive attention to detail. 

In keeping with J’evar’s brand value of radical openness, the company is pleased to pull back the curtain on their process of creating lab-grown diamonds The J’evar mission to create sustainable elegance, requires a design and transparency driven brand to bring a refreshing openness to products uncommon in the industry. When modern jewelry customers seek information about the sourcing of diamonds and metals before making a purchase, the origins of J’evar’s fine jewelry materials are no mystery

J’evar exclusively uses Type IIa diamonds – purest type on Earth – with a color range between D-G and clarity ranging from VVS-VS, which means that the quality of a J’evar diamond, as defined by the combination of the gem’s color and clarity, is higher than minimum of other fine jewelry luxury brands. With their superior cutting expertise, provided by the House of ALTR that delivers unrivaled beauty, scintillation, and refraction, Jevar diamonds sparkle with a ferocity that far exceeds most diamonds.

When it comes to buying fine jewelry, customers no longer have to choose between tasteful fine jewelry and ethically sourced materials. J’evar is setting a new standard for fine jewelry by combining heritage based artisanal craftmanship with advanced technology components like lab grown diamonds and environmentally friendly recycled metals.

“J’evar is a revolutionary fine jewelry brand dedicated to creating sustainable and beautiful jewelry.” says Amish Shah, Founder of J’evar. “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new brand under the creative direction of world-renowned marketing Guru, David Lipman, igniting a new vision for fine jewelry with lab grown diamonds” 

J’evar is fiercely committed to the highest standards of social and ethical behavior and environmental stewardship. In contrast to earth-mined diamonds, where one carat requires disturbing approximately 100 square feet of land, J’evar’s jewelry-making processes do not disturb an inch of soil. J’evar’s digital store is powered by renewable energy and even the shipping is carbon neutral by design. At J’evar, purity is not just a buzzword; it is a standard of beauty that is incorporated in every step of production and design. From water conservation to recycled metals to shipping processes, we are dedicated to positively impacting the environment. J’evar is Jewelry with a Conscience.

Be sure to visit to learn more about J’evar and shop for their new sustainable and beautiful lab-grown diamond fine jewelry which features their Beating Hearts Collection, Lotus Petals Collection and Elements. These collections include Diamond Necklaces and Pendants, Diamond Bracelets and Diamond Earrings.

About J’evar: Diamonds Made Not Born. Influenced by art and architecture, J’evar is a luxury fine jewelry brand known for artisanal craftsmanship, innovative designs, and exceptional gem quality. Grown with renewable energy by harnessing solar power, sourced exclusively from the House of ALTR, J’evar uses the finest Type IIa Lab Grown diamonds that refract light with unmatched beauty and luminosity. As a purpose-driven brand, Jevar is committed to sustainability, using recycled metals and carbon neutral practices, in compliance with GHG (Green House Gas) Protocol Scope 1 and 2. Celebrating heritage and pushing the boundaries of creativity, J’evar is melding the traditional and the contemporary, with obsessive attention to details, designing fine luxury jewelry that elevates creativity to unsurpassed heights where there is no compromise between sustainability and beauty. Inspired by India’s jewelry making heritage. Incubated with New York’s glamor and energy, J’evar makes Jewelry with a conscience.

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