Zusa is a Certified B Corp Brand
MINNEAPOLIS, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Zusa, a sustainable corporate apparel and gifting brand based in Plymouth, MN, has now announced its official B Corp status. The brand is outspoken about its sustainable practices, including its carbon-neutral certification and 1% For The Planet membership. Zusa’s B Corp certification was announced in January of this year. “We’re proud that Zusa is now a B Corp brand, furthering our commitment to sustainability,” said Richard Ward, Zusa CEO. “Each year we continue to make progressive steps from our longstanding partnership with 1% For The Planet to becoming carbon-neutral in 2023, we strive to do right by our customers and the planet.”B Corps are assessed and certified by the nonprofit organization B Lab. B Corp applicants are evaluated using the B Impact Assessment, a test that measures applicants’ positive and negative impacts both environmentally and socially. Criteria for the B Impact Assessment are set by B Lab’s Standards Advisory Council and Board of Directors via the B Impact Assessment. Applicants must receive a score of 80 points or higher to obtain B Corp certification. Zusa received a score of 123.3, which is 72.4 points above the median score for businesses.Richard Ward, Zusa’s founder and CEO, created the brand to address the harmful environmental impacts of the clothing industry. To accomplish this goal, the brand developed business practices designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, use recycled materials wherever possible, and decrease the consumption of natural resources.Zusa keeps a careful eye on the production process from material sourcing to shipping. The brand only partners with WRAP-certified factories, which strictly prohibit child and involuntary labor, guarantee worker health and safety, and ensure fair compensation and benefits.Zusa’s B Corp status will be overseen by B Lab to ensure the brand holds to its sustainable and ethical practices.Zusa was founded in 2019 with the goal of providing sustainable, ethically sourced apparel and gifts so that companies can shop for company merchandise responsibly. The brand prizes the innovation of comfortable apparel and uses fabric blends made from recycled materials. Zusa is known for creating both professional and performance apparel and has created a complete line of sustainable clothing, outerwear, accessories, bags, and drinkware over five years of business.SOURCE Zusa
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