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TONGXIANG, China, April 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On April 24, 2024, Puyuan Fashion Week debuted in Puyuan Fashion Resort. Continuing the core concept of “Knitting is Fashion,” proposed the theme of “Weaving a Wise Future”. Combining the beauty of fashion knitwear with the idyllic charm of Jiangnan water towns, the event capitalizes on the local knitting industry’s rich heritage, seamlessly fusing traditional culture with contemporary fashion trends. The aim is to showcase the symbiotic relationship between the fashion industry and resort town tourism, accelerate the internationalization of Puyuan’s fashion industry, promote the transformation of the local knitting industry center, and nurture the growth of young designers.

On the opening day, the Puyuan Fashion Week attracted numerous celebrity artists, fashion supermodels, and trendsetters, injecting vibrant colors into the ancient charm of Jiangnan. It kicked off with an exclusive VIP trunk show headlined by the iconic Chinese designer Vera Wang. Her prestigious label, VERA WANG HAUTE, unveiled its 2024 Spring/Summer Capsule Collection, showcasing its characteristic avant-garde aesthetic to an enraptured audience.

The grand opening continued with a presentation by the luxury brand THE ATELIER, under the creative direction and design guidance of the world-renowned Chinese designer Professor Jimmy Choo. THE ATELIER’s design philosophy advocates for the collision and fusion of diverse ideas, cultures, and aesthetics, was a perfect match for the unique atmosphere of the Resort. The showcase brilliantly captured the pulse of global fashion trends.

The grand finale of Puyuan Fashion Week will feature an extraordinary presentation by La Mofiel, a luxury fashion brand commemorating ten years of elite craftsmanship. Breaking away from conventional runway formats, the closing show will uniquely position models on sculling boats amidst the charming backdrop of the resort. The avant-garde melding of fashion and the locale’s picturesque waterways promises to be a standout, ensuring a spectacular finale to the festivities.

Additionally, from April 24th to 28th, Puyuan Fashion Week features four designer brand debuts and six local brand showcases in the guise of scenic music street shows. Capitalizing on the natural allure of Puyuan and partnering with local fashion Brands, the entire area will be converted into an immersive, experiential show arena.

Since its founding, Puyuan Fashion Resort has become the backdrop for numerous crossover events, including Puyuan Fashion Week, the Douyin Creator Conference, and the Zhizu GQ Men of the Year Ceremony. These events have been linking fashion trends with the town’s lifestyle. By hosting these events, the town has seamlessly blended leisure and stylish living, pioneering a new model that melds “cultural tourism + local industries”.

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