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Experience the Essence of Spring with Exquisite Handcrafted Leather Creations, Inspired by Italian Apricot Tree Blossoms

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Renowned fashion brand Patricia Nash Designs ( is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated release of its latest collection, the Apricot Blossoms Collection, just in time for the vibrant and blooming season of Spring 2024.

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting blossoms of the Italian apricot tree, Patricia Nash’s Apricot Blossoms Collection encapsulates the essence of springtime beauty and elegance. Each handbag is a testament to the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, storytelling, and a deep appreciation for vintage aesthetics.

“I’m so excited to share the Apricot Blossoms Collection with you—it’s a true reflection of my ongoing design journey and a way to celebrate the breathtaking beauty inspired by the blossoms of the Italian apricot tree,” states Patricia Nash, Founder and CEO of Patricia Nash Designs.

The Apricot Blossoms Collection features a range of exquisite handbags, each designed to elevate your style and embrace the spirit of spring:

  • Ferrera Frame Satchel ($199): The Ferrara will become a partner for life. This elegant, vintage-inspired, structured satchel features a striking silhouette and is made even more appealing by the supple leather in the Apricot Blossoms print.
  • Renata Shoulder Bag ($229): A blend of modern sophistication and vintage charm, this 100% full-grain leather bag boasts a boxy profile, convenient slip pockets, and twin top handles for an elegant carry.
  • Milano Weekender ($369): Crafted in luxurious leather with the Apricot Blossoms print, this duffel bag is the perfect companion for road trips, overnight adventures, and jet-setting. Adorned with stud details and leather trim, it’s both functional and stylish.

The woven styles that boast the Apricot Blossoms print scarf add a unique touch, with the woven material sourced from a trusted supplier in Italy. Patricia Nash Designs collaborates with skilled artisans who hand-burnish natural raffia to achieve a stunning, natural, and polished look. This dedication to artisanal craftsmanship adds a distinctive flair to each handbag in the collection.

  • Marconia Tote with Apricot Blossoms Scarf ($229): An easygoing tote designed for office, travel, or daily use. Crafted in Patricia Nash’s elegant Burnished Woven, this tote comes with a removable Apricot Blossoms Scarf, adding a touch of color and flair.
  • Trope Dome Tote W/ Apricot Blossoms Scarf ($349): Certain to get you noticed, the Trope is a large, versatile tote in an elegantly designed dome shape that holds all your essentials. Conveniently larger at the top than the bottom, its dual top zipper makes it easy to access its contents. The removable Apricot Blossoms Scarf is a beautiful finish to this iconic bag.

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Inspired by a passion for discovery, Patricia Nash weaves her extensive travels and cherished memories into the fabric of her designs. After years of crafting handbags for other brands, Patricia launched Patricia Nash Designs in 2010, driven by the discovery of a vintage gem in her mother’s closet. Enthusiastically expressing that design is her daily excitement, Patricia infuses each piece with the essence of travel, memories, vintage flair, old-world craftsmanship, and a deep family connection. Patricia Nash Designs stands as a testament to her dedication to creating timeless, detailed pieces that resonate with personal stories and a love for the artistry of vintage-inspired keepsakes.

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