Introducing The Guy’s List: Men’s Recommendations For The Common Guy

CHICAGO, June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The wait is over for the average guy seeking an authentic men’s lifestyle publication tailored to his needs. Today, we proudly unveil The Guy’s List, a comprehensive online platform where men can discover top recommendations for fashion, grooming, wellness, and more. From finding the perfect athletic fit clothing to seeking gift ideas, The Guy’s List provides a trusted source for genuine recommendations and reviews.

The Guy’s List, a part of Chris Hogan’s Undrafted Ventures portfolio, stands out because the platform is powered by a team of regular guys turned experts in their field. This esteemed group includes renowned menswear expert Beau Hayhoe, health and wellness authority John Shackleton, and Dallas Cowboys Offensive Lineman Brock Hoffman, among others. Each of these modern gentlemen bring their unique perspective and expertise to enhance the reader’s experience.

At the core of The Guy’s List is the mission to simplify online shopping for men. Joe Sanfilippo, Editor-In-Chief at The Guy’s List, explained, “We identified a gap in the industry. While there are numerous publications covering men’s fashion and lifestyle, we believe many of their writers and editors are out of touch with the everyday guy. When searching for the best men’s jeans, for instance, you may come across recommendations from publications like GQ suggesting jeans that are not only hideous in my opinion but also wildly expensive, ranging from $370 to $4,000+. Our readers want products that are cool, comfortable, and affordable, and we strive to connect them with those items faster than anyone else.”

With The Guy’s List, men can now confidently navigate the online marketplace, knowing that they have a trusted resource at their fingertips. Whether they seek style inspiration, wellness tips, or budget-friendly recommendations, The Guy’s List caters to their unique preferences and offers a curated selection of products and services that align with their needs.

Join the movement and discover The Guy’s List today at Unleash your inner style, enhance your well-being, and find products that truly resonate with your lifestyle.

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