Can-Am and The Shoe Surgeon designed custom Can-Am Ryker 3-wheel vehicles and riding shoes that push the limits of creativity to celebrate inclusivity, heritage and the love of the ride.

VALCOURT, QC, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Can-Am, a brand of BRP Inc. (TSX: DOO) (NASDAQ: DOOO), is continuing its push to welcome more people into riding through a custom collaboration with The Shoe Surgeon, a world-renowned Los Angeles-based group of creatives who specialize in the craft of custom shoe making and design. Both brands are dedicated to crafting something unique and authentic, with no compromises, and this collaboration brings that to life. Together, Can-Am and The Shoe Surgeon created three custom Can-Am Ryker 3-wheel vehicles along with three styles of Can-Am-inspired riding shoes that push the limits of creativity to celebrate inclusivity, heritage and the love of the ride.

Each of the Can-Am Ryker 3-wheel vehicles designed and customized by The Shoe Surgeon is a unique design that is as much a piece of art as it is a thrilling machine. Ultimately, each vehicle will be donated to help raise awareness and money toward fighting intimidation and influencing positive behavior, which is BRP’s global social cause. Also, the limited run of custom-crafted shoes match the vehicles and borrow design cues from the Can-Am Ryker, including different lines and visual cues. The shoes are purpose-built for riding with an over-the-ankle design, reinforced material, reflective surfaces, and non-slip sole.

“At Can-Am, we are passionate about creating new experiences and pushing boundaries to break down barriers and welcome more people to discover the open road, the thrill of the ride,” said Anne-Marie LaBerge, Chief Marketing Officer at BRP. “This collaboration with The Shoe Surgeon is an example of our mission to change the face of riding. We are connecting two different communities by designing something unique to help transform a mindset and share our passion for riding.”

“My love for creating goes beyond sneakers. I love all powersports – whether it’s riding motorcycles, 3-wheelers, off-roading, or on water,” said Dominic Ciambrone, aka The Shoe Surgeon. “Partnering with Can-Am is an opportunity to put our touch on a different canvas. Each bike design reflects and honors our brand’s heritage: the power of creating, embracing individuality that celebrates our differences, and finding community through self-expression. This is the heart of our craft and riding.”

The vehicles and riding shoes were created using three distinct themes: “Inclusivity,” “Can-Am Heritage,” and “The Love of the Ride.”

The “Inclusivity” theme unlocks Can-Am’s dedication to promoting inclusivity in its mission to make the open road accessible to all. This custom package uses different leathers and colors as a symbol of diversity. The patchwork design portrays how each person’s individuality plays a role to create something bigger and beautiful.

The “Brand Heritage” theme celebrates Can-Am’s 50-year history of innovation and excellence through premium leather, exotic and textural finish materials, precision craftsmanship, and luxurious details on both machine and riding shoes. It uses gold accents combined with dark tones and hints of red for an elegant and distinct look.

The “Love of the Ride” theme is sure to bring smiles, just like riding a Can-Am Ryker, where people, regardless of riding experience, can feel a rush with the simple twist of a throttle. The design pushes beyond riding, evoking a distinct look with padded quilting textures that symbolize the peace of mind of riding on three wheels. It also creates an unconventional artistic expression, which ties with how Can-Am loves to expand boundaries.

Together, the custom packages celebrate that the open road is for all. Launched in 2019, the Can-Am Ryker has quickly become a favorite among new riders. In fact, more than 50 percent of Ryker owners are new to riding, and nearly 35 percent of Ryker owners are women, which is far greater than the industry average1. Also, Can-Am 3-wheel vehicles retail has more than doubled in the last four years, generating most of the industry growth.

Click here to learn more about the Can-Am x The Shoe Surgeon designs. To find out more about the complete lineup of Can-Am 3-wheel vehicles, visit and follow @canamonroad on social media.

About BRP

BRP Inc. is a global leader in the world of powersports products, propulsion systems and boats built on over 80 years of ingenuity and intensive consumer focus. Through its portfolio of industry-leading and distinctive brands featuring Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft and pontoons, Can-Am on and off-road vehicles, Alumacraft and Quintrex boats, Manitou pontoons and Rotax marine propulsion systems as well as Rotax engines for karts and recreational aircraft, BRP unlocks exhilarating adventures and provides access to experiences across different playgrounds. The Company completes its lines of products with a dedicated parts, accessories and apparel portfolio to fully optimize the riding experience. Committed to growing responsibly, BRP is developing electric models for its existing product lines and exploring new low voltage and human assisted product categories. Headquartered in Quebec, Canada, BRP has annual sales of CA$10 billion from over 130 countries and a global workforce of close to 23,000 driven, resourceful people.

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About The Shoe Surgeon

Dominic “The Shoe Surgeon” Ciambrone is a pioneer in luxury footwear and customization. Widely recognized for his bespoke, one-of-one creations for celebrities such as LeBron James, Justin Bieber, Fat Joe, and more, Ciambrone is transforming the high-end fashion space by offering his made-to-order services to his elite network of clientele –reimagining the product he works on into a one of a kind design. His passion for storytelling and attention to detail elevates each project to make each piece a personalized work of art.


1 Source: IHS Markit, S&P Global, US Data as of March 2023


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